Our involvement with commercial projects includes designing retail, office, restaurant and hotel/resort spaces. We work to ensure that the structure compliments its surroundings and that its occupants and visitors find it attractive and usable. Establishing a team relationship with the developer and contractor for the clear exchange of ideas is vital for the creation of a successful commercial project. Structures are designed with the user in mind. A Northern New Mexico style pitched-roof compliments the glorious surroundings. Complimentary interior and exterior design creates a feeling of unity in a structure. Well designed interior spaces set the tone for an interesting and productive work-space.

Whether in town or out in the countryside, Architectural Alliance Inc can meet your needs for any commercial structure. Public spaces are designed to be inviting, comfortable and easily accessible. Thorough, creative site planning makes it possible to maximize views and the potential for solar gain and natural lighting. Individual units are configured to provide a sense of easy flow and continuity. Each client's needs are taken into consideration as each space is designed, from the dentist's office to the artist's studio.